Chaudhary has been art director for Dispatch Magazine Group since 2009

Chaudhary brings an artist's eye to commercial work. Results-driven with an attention to detail, his work yields tremendous ROI for clients. His work ethic, passion, and personality contribute to projects' success.

Chaudhary became a U.S. citizen in 2012. His family owns and manages a string of local small businesses in Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Uma, and their two children. He enjoys photography, painting and filmmaking in his home studio.


Magazines Re-Designed
• ColumbusCEO
• Experience Columbus
Magazines launched
• Capital Style
• Capital Style Bride
• Capital Prom
• Columbus Crave
• Monarch
• Favor



2019 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists

• Best Graphic Designer (First place)

2019 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Infographic (Second place)

• Best Infographic Designer (Second place)

• Page Design (Second place)

• Feature/Package Design (Third place)

2018 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Infographics (Second place)

• Best Magazine in Ohio (Third place)

2017 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists

• Best Graphic Designer in Ohio (First place)

• Best Special Publication Design for
  OSU Fisher College of Business (First place)

• Best Newsmaker Profile (First place)

• Best Explanatory Journalism (First place)


2017 AABP Editorial Excellence Awards

(A National Recognition)

• Best Magazine Cover (Gold)

• Best Recurring Feature Layout (Gold)


2017 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Magazine Cover: Business Publication
(First place)

• Best Infographics in Ohio (Third place)


2016 AABP Editorial Excellence Awards

(A National Recognition)

• Best Feature Layout (Gold) 
• Best Magazine Cover (Silver)


2016 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Business Publication in Ohio (First place)
• Best Infographics in Ohio (First place)

• Spread or Multiple Page Design (Third place)


2015 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists

• Best Graphic Designer, Ohio (First place)

• Best Special Section Design (First place)


2015 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Business Publication in Ohio (First place)
• Best Infographics in Ohio

• Best Cover Design


2014 AABP Editorial Excellence Awards

(A National Recognition)

• Most Improved Publication (Columbus CEO) 
• Best Use of Photography/Illustration


2014 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Magazine Cover

• Best Single Page Design


2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism

• Best Feature Design

Yogesh Chaudhary is an award-winning art director and web designer. His work for publishers and commercial clients appears in magazines and high-traffic websites in Ohio, across the U.S. and in India.


I have had the privilege to work with Yogesh Chaudhary nearly four years at Columbus CEO magazine and have learned volumes from him about the importance of marrying editorial content with just the right visuals. He is a design master and always knows exactly how to present our writers’, editors’ and photographers’ work in the best light to communicate better than our words or pictures could do alone. Yogesh is a true artist and enjoyable to work with on both a personal and professional level. ​

Mary Yost

Editor, ColumbusCEO magazine

GateHouse Media


"I had the pleasure of working with Yogesh on the design of two new magazine titles and the major redesign of a third magazine. His talent and skills were invaluable to each project; as a collaborator, he works hard to bring the team’s shared vision to life while pushing everyone to raise their expectations for excellence. Yogesh is the rare art director whose creativity is built on a foundation of technical expertise. He has a total command of design software and digital tools, and he is equally comfortable with the mechanics of print production. The end result is a magazine design that is artistically and editorially ambitious while maintaining smooth and efficient workflows."

Brian Lindamood

Content Strategy & Digital Marketing Leader



"Many national and regional press associations have recognized the excellence of Yogesh Chaudhary's work - and for good reason. Yogesh approaches every project holistically: He understands what each piece of content needs to communicate, and he applies his vast experience and training to bring depth to every new work he produces. 

What the accolades miss it that Yogesh is an excellent collaborator. He works well with editorial teams and commercial clients to deliver truly remarkable multimedia content." 

Kitty McConnell

Digital Content Editor


"Yogi is a talented designer with a particular aptitude for taking complex, info-heavy and number-heavy stories and making them easy to digest with stellar info graphics and clean, crisp design."

Kristy Eckert

Founder + Chief Strategist

Kristy Eckert Communications


“I have known and worked with Yogesh for almost ten years. During that time Mr. Chaudhary has impressed me with his dedication and passion for magazine design, photography, web offset printing and website design. A lover of life with an enthusiastic and infectious personality, Yogesh puts the clients needs first during the creative process and does what is required to produce award winning projects on or ahead of schedule. I recommend Yogesh to anyone with a need of an “A+” level Art Director, Photographer, Website Designer or Creative Consultant.

William Green

VP Business Development

The Watkins Printing Company


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Understanding the image and accordingly color correcting it. Expert in highly detailed work such as beauty images. Master in 3D infographics and digital illustrations.


Currently expert in Adobe InDesign CC. Advanced to InDesign from PageMaker and Quark.


Knowledge of different type-faces and their families. Expert in manipulating character style, spacing and leading.


Created numerous infographics representing the areas of business, news, politics, war, science, medicine and more with direction from subject matter experts or related editors.

Pre-Post Production

Have in-depth knowledge of printing and production. Worked closely with different printers utilizing a variety of printing techniques.

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